Top Truck 2

Top Truck 2
The sequel to the challenging monster truck racing game where you have a very short time to get from one side of the obstacle course to the other before the time is up. This second installment also includes a new mode called zombie mode where the obstacles are a bunch of undead standing in between you and the other end of the off road obstacle course. An interesting update to the already extremely challenging and addictive flash racing game genre. Watch as you send body parts flying and splatter the screen with zombie blood and gore in the gratuitous graphic violence. If running over undead is too graphic for your tastes, there is always the regular rally mode where you have to crawl over vehicles and jumps to reach the other side before time runs out. This new version also includes another truck choice as well as many other minor improvements to the game play and physics. This game is sure to be one of your favorites as it offers some of the most challenging flash off road racing action available in a flash game to satisfy your destructive tendencies.

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